Deciding what you want

We all have things about our own skin or features that we want to enhance or improve. When you decide that you want to get advice and treatment on a specific area, we start wondering what we can do about it


Doing you research

This may begin with a friend mentioning a treatment they have had done, this is usually a good place to start. However, it is good to research what you can about the treatment that your thinking about, and who is going to be treating you.

Are they sufficiently trained?

Are they open and honest about all aspects of the procedure, risks and after?

Can you contact them following your treatment?

Have you signed a consent form?

Most importantly, do you trust them?


Contact Us

Phone, email, social media.

There is no shortage on ways to contact and book!


Your Free Consultation

You will be invited to attend a free consultation, we will discuss your desired outcomes and advise of the most suitable procedures available.  In some cases, you can go ahead and have treatment immediately if you wish. For other treatments you may want to leave time between appointments to allow you time to think about your options.


The Treatment

Depending on what treatment you book in for, it can take from 20 mins-45minutes, or more if having multiple treatments at once.

We will again go through all relevant information, and medical/ consent forms.


After the treatment

Immediately following treatment, you will be given aftercare advice for the first few hours- days. And then rebook in for a review if required.

You will also be given contact information, so you can discuss any queries you may have following treatment.


Review of your treatment

With some procedures, we request you attend a review appointment at around 14 days post treatment. This is for clinician to review treatment and to record the full effects of after results.